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Rules of the site
Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:27 am by Mitsuki Sakura
  • Make your character before RP-ing.[First time, Warning. Second time, Temporarily ban. Third time, Permanent ban.]
  • No cursing. [Just keep it to yourself.]
  • Keep it PG-13.[Wanna do it... You got Pm.]
  • No godmodding.[This one ticks me totally off. Just play it fair.]
  • Be nice to everyone. [Yes, some may be weird or anything, but...keep being nice.]
  • No spamming on cb or someone elses approved application.[It's really irritating.]
  • No advertisement. [Just pm me or someone else to ask if you can advertise.]
  • Enter the other land with permission. [Ex.:If a vampire ask you (demon) to post in the Vampire land, Ask the Head admin for permission.]

If you keep following the rules, you might become an

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 Akio Furukawa

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PostSubject: Akio Furukawa   Mon Nov 23, 2009 1:44 am

Name: Akio Furukawa (Hunter Furukawa)

Age: Unknown

Race: Werewolf

Personality: Hunter was diagnosed with Lycanthropy a disease that turns a human into a werewolf, the disease gives him even when not in werewolf form Increased aggression, animal like behaviour such as howling, attacking random people, a unnatural disposition to eat raw meat, he also has animal like instincts, his body reacts to almost any sudden movement that seems to put him in danger and moves him out of the way without thinking of other consequences. Other than his disease and its effects on him, Hunter, is a relatively nice male, his mind is very simple and easy to understand when talking or even listening to. His actions when not being affected by the Lycanthropy is to smile and be very polite, but with that he is also known to be a very flirtatious and romantic male to try and con his way out of any bad or awkward situations or even to just get what he wants to have. Hunter will also tend to be seen with a very small and sometimes sadistic smile on his face depending on his mood at the time.


Berserker Mode: When driven into a Homicidal frenzy by mass increased Lycanthropy (the increased parts he gets is greatly increased aggression, More animal like behaviour such as eating raw meat and acting on animal like functions). Hunter can focus so much chakra that he goes into a rage slaughtering anyone he sees, Hunter also does significantly more damage than when he is in normal werewolf form. However, his frenzied rage leaves him physically weakened and therefore easier to kill when he changes back. While in this mode Hunter does not feel pain and wont recognize that he has been hit due to his brain is going haywire and sending him into a blood drunk rage stopping him from feeling pain and making sure that he can keep fighting.

Possessed Mode: When in werewolf form Hunter can become possessed with demonic power as is in their blood from the werewolf form taking. The Power grants him increased Vigor (more life then normal) at the cost of his own freedom of will making him a slave to the power given. Because his mind is now longer his own, the possessed mind cannot be affected by any mind control.

Fanatic Mode: When in fanatic mode Hunter responds to his own corruption with such zeal that he is willing to do anything it takes to win and not die. He tends to rush into any battle, fervently attacking with blinding speed any and all foes. His recklessness does leave him open defensively, and if his opponent can avoid hunter’s cascade of blows, the opponent should be able to strike them with better ease. While in this mode Hunter does not feel pain and won’t recognize that he has been hit due to his brain has only one thing going through it and that is win or die.

Werewolf Look:

Weapons: (both look the same) Helps hunter fight when not in werewolf form. (only use)

History: hunters history is unknown due to his lack of talk, his body is young suggesting he is very young of age but all that is known of him is his hatred for everything Human. his current goal even now is to fight them and kill them to stop any human’s from repopulating and killing off more of his kind. (tahts really it)

Rank: 5

RP Sample: Albel awoke one day in a hospital after he had been in a mugging out side the city walls by rouge ninja’s a beautiful nurse about the age of 21 walked in and sat on Albel’s bed telling him that his sword and his gear had been stolen and that he was lucky to be alive and that he had lost so much blood they thought he was dead Albel was not impressed to hear that his stuff had been stolen he got out of bed and stumbled to the door telling the nurse that he was fine even though he was clearly in so much pain that his eye’s started to water the nurse helped him back to his bed telling him that the other Jounin of Konoha were out looking for the attackers and if the find his gear they will bring it back to him “Albel get back in your bed before you kill your self” the nurse had said to Albel “Women I have no time to wait my sword is like my child I must care for it and right now I need to get her back” Albel was not impressed by the nurse’s words he tried to make another break for the door but this time he collapsed onto the ground because his left knee had been fractured by a massive chunk of wood “Albel your body needs more time to heal unless you want to be a paralysed ninja and be no good to Konoha keep trying to run away but if you do this again I wont help you” the nurse had walked over to Albel and helped him to his feet taking him back to bed she had helped him onto the bed but she feel right on top of him her face to his he looked into her beautiful blue eye’s and he leaned his head up to catch her in a kiss the broke it off once another nurse had entered the room to check on how he was going the other nurse had seen her kissing Albel even though a staff and patient relationships weren’t allowed to happen she didn’t care after the other nurse had left again the pretty young nurse had given her name to him it was Rain Mikamura she was 21 and beautiful she kissed him again winked and left his room Albel was surprised to see that even after his brutal attack he was still able to pick up cute girls even though he had a scare running from the top of his left eye down to the bottom of it he had realised that his eye was cut but not his eyeball it was only the skin that was cut so he was safe as she left he began to become bored so he struggled out of his bed walked over to the closet and fell over the young nurse had seen him collapse again but she was sympathetic towards him “Albel are you okay?” she ran over to him helping him up yet again “thank…you……I was having trouble…getting dressed could you…help me please I’m hopeless……at the moment could you help…me?” Albel wasn’t trying to get the nurse to undress him he was in serious need of medical attention due to his injuries “thank you rain I appreciate your help so much but I need a drink and if you have time would you like to come for one or two with me Rain will you come drink with me” Albel had always drunk alone since he was the proper age but know that he had found a girl friend to chat with he was happy again “Sure why not I get off work in about 10 minutes, can you lay here for that time Albel?” “Sure I can I can wait for a pretty face to come get me any day” Sabaku was a smoothie when it came to talking to a girl even though he had no idea what they were like he knew what to say just by looking at them. 10 minutes was up and Rain had come back for Albel but she found him on the window seel she snuck up behind him and yelled BOO! At him he fell out the window falling 3 stories to the ground he hit the ground leaving a massive bloody mess on the floor she had just killed Albel but in an instant he appeared behind her scaring her making her fall out the window she had no ninja techniques to save herself Albel leapt out the window grabbing her and using the Advanced Body Flicker Technique to take them both to the ground safely he had her in his arms she was light and skinny framed he put her down and she brushed herself off grabbing his arm and taking him for a walk back to her house she needed to change from her medical outfit and into her casual one “Albel why did you scare me out the window today?” Rain was curios as to why he did it “because you did it to me making me fall to my death Rain you killed me haha nah I was playing around but hey I saved you didn’t I” “yes but did you have to almost kill me while you had fun and how does this dress look is it okay” Rain was wearing a red flower dress like an Akatsuki wore but it had a blue body not a black body Albel looked like he had been hit with a bat his jaw dropped when he saw Rain standing there looking like an angel itself “Holy hell Rain you are one smokin babe so where to Rain your choice” Albel was wearing his uniform with the his emblem on it Rain didn’t like it much because it looked to much like the Akatsuki robes but only with his emblem on it he had a demon face on both his shoulders and a wolf crest on the front with the dunes behind the wolf signifying that he is the Desert Wolf. Albel and Rain left for the restaurant on their way there they saw a young boy being beaten up by adults because he had taken a loaf of bread “OI you there scum pickin on that kid leave him alone or I’ll bust your heads in” Albel was enraged to see people treating a kid like that “WHAT are you gonna do about it you ninja scum hu bring that’s what I thought you cant fight because you don’t wanna get messy for your little date now run along and you won’t get hurt” the adult said in a tone that signified that he was in the mood to kill anyone who got in his way “that’s it Rain can I bust some heads together we’ll come back for them later but this kid needs help look at him” Albel asked Rain while he cracked his knuckles “I thought I told you to move on you dirty ninja trash now beat it before we BEAT YOU AND YOU LITTLE LADIE FRIEND” Albel was outraged he was so mad his chakra was becoming visible around his hands “YOU SCUM ARE GOING TO PAY!! FOR THAT” Albel was furious first they beat up a child then they insult his girl that was the last straw he used his Advanced Body Flick Jutsu to appear in between the 2 men and slammed the man that had threatened Rain head first into the wall knocking him out cold while he hit the other one with a Dolphin Strike jutsu smashing him around at an incredible speed putting the man onto the floor bleeding from the face Albel had found out that these men had taken his sword so he grabbed to man slammed him against the wall yelling at him “WHERE IS MY SWORD YOU PIECE OF CRAP KONOHA TRASH………WHERE IS MY SWORD!!” Albel was crazed with rage as the little kid ran to Rain she checked him out for any severe damage he only had light bruising from the punches “Albel let him go please don’t kill him we have a date I don’t want you to go to jail or become a missing ninja please let him go” “As you wish Rain…SCUM never return inside this city again or I will kill you and your boss now where is my sword tell me or lose a finger or worse your life” “Alright I’ll tell you just please don’t kill me your…your sword is just around the corner I will go get it just don’t kill me please” “You had better hope to your god that your not lying about my sword or so help me I will KILL YOU UNDERSTAND” the man nodded and ran around the corner and retrieved Albel’s blade the Mithrodin he had returned with it as promised and he had taken his friend back to their hide-out “Kid you alright how is he Rain any severe damage or is he okay?” “Well I don’t see any bad bruises on the boy we must have only been a few seconds away when it started” “boy tell me why they were hurting you” Albel was concerned that the boy had killed a man of their possie and was now on their hit list “I took a loaf of bread from them and then they started to attack me I'm so glad you helped me sir I will go home now” “alright boy be careful where you walk okay kid’o” “sure thing mister hey I love your jacket it looks like the Lightning Emperor’s ja…are you the Lighting Emperor?” “That’s right kid the Lighting Emperor saved your hide I'm new and improved kid now hurry home go on skat” Albel had his sword back helped out a kid and fought for his honour for his girl he made a big impression on Rain now she had hearts in her eye’s now she loved him all he did was sighed took her arm and went to dinner without even a scratch on him with his sword by his side and his girl close he had won the day. Time came and went Rain and him had a beautiful dinner and went to a hotel and a few days later got married and had a baby girl Albel was now a father to his own clan to come.
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Mitsuki Sakura

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PostSubject: Re: Akio Furukawa   Mon Nov 23, 2009 2:29 am

Awesome.... Approved ^^


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Akio Furukawa
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