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Rules of the site
Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:27 am by Mitsuki Sakura
  • Make your character before RP-ing.[First time, Warning. Second time, Temporarily ban. Third time, Permanent ban.]
  • No cursing. [Just keep it to yourself.]
  • Keep it PG-13.[Wanna do it... You got Pm.]
  • No godmodding.[This one ticks me totally off. Just play it fair.]
  • Be nice to everyone. [Yes, some may be weird or anything, but...keep being nice.]
  • No spamming on cb or someone elses approved application.[It's really irritating.]
  • No advertisement. [Just pm me or someone else to ask if you can advertise.]
  • Enter the other land with permission. [Ex.:If a vampire ask you (demon) to post in the Vampire land, Ask the Head admin for permission.]

If you keep following the rules, you might become an

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 Kazu the Devil hunter

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PostSubject: Kazu the Devil hunter   Mon Dec 07, 2009 5:52 pm

Name: Kazu

Age: 18

Race: Half-breed

Personality: is a stubborn, short-tempered, occasionally confrontational, spontaneous, determined, outspoken, strong-willed, impulsive young man. Despite being witty and cynical, he is shown to be genuinely compassionate and empathetic, He is also rather cocky and has been known to taunt and belittle his opponents when fighting. Conversely, he can also go into a state of deep depression when he loses a major battle or lets a friend down


Weapons: A magic sword and 2 .45 pistols

History: Kazu is a Super warrior affiliated with the mercs and has ambitions of becoming the best , he is not acknowledge by the others even though he was born taken out of the demon realm. He compensates for this with his cheerful and flirtacious personality, manages to befriend several other Mercs. He obtains an especially close relationship with friends, and family and treats him as his ownand having killed many powerful figures during his life. Despite his energy being a valuable asset, he has had his powers from the age of six. Kazu is part of the Cross, a group of warriors who worship the gods(but he doesnt) he was raised in the city as an orphan and taken in by the Knights since childhood and grew into young adulthood.Kazu's actual origin still remains unknown but the Order makes multiple references to Kazu being "a descendant with the King Demon blood".

Rank: 5

RP Sample: (from a bleach site so bare wit me) Night was beginning to set on Karakura town. The last few golden rays flickered off the off the rook tops. Street lamps slowly lit the darkening ground below. A young boy with bright orange hair made his way through the streets. His hands rested in the pockets of his tan pants. He wandered in out of alleys without care. His mind seemed to be somewhere else. His feet marched on their own as if they traveled this way a thousand times. It took Ichigo awhile to look up and realize that he made it to his front door. It was a small little house that seemed to blend in too perfectly with the rest. He grudgingly went to the door. His hand grasped the cool metal handle; with a slight push the door flew open.

He only managed to make it step before something hard crashed into his head. As stars flashed in and out of view he realized it was foot. “Hey what the hell was that for? Is that anyway to greet your son when he comes home?” Ichigo yelled at his dad then quickly planted a fist right in his father’s nose. His dads surprise attack had left his nose bleeding. He was used to it by now though. This kind of thing happened regularly. His father validated these surprise attacks by calling them lessons. It was a weird habit, but in a way it was their form of father and son bonding. “I’m going up to my room. Leave my dinner at the door.”

Reluctantly Ichigo climbed up the stairs to his room. He wanted to get their before his sisters started nagging him. Its not that he didn’t like them, He just didn’t feel like talking to them. Ichigo pushed open his door and slung the book bag he was wearing on to his bed. He hastily plopped down in suit. He laced his fingers behind his head and began to stare at the ceiling. His thoughts were muddled and made his brain hurt. Recently he had become this thing called a shingami. His new job was to destroy monsters called hollows and send lost souls back to this place called Soul society. It was rough work but someone had to do it. Still he wondered occasionally if it was the right thing to do. Sure he wanted to help people, but it seems the stronger he gets, the more hollows he has face. It was like a never ending war. Is that the life I really want for myself?

He barely got a chance to ponder his question before something burst out of his closet door. Out of surprise he fell off the bed and bumped his head on the ground. It took a second for him to realize that it was Rukia who sprang from his closet. She was dressed in what looked like his sisters pajamas, again. “Don’t you ever have anywhere else to go? Are those my sister’s pajamas that you are wearing?” Ichigo’s voice grew very high pitched towards the end of his sentence. A look of utter surprise rested on his face.

“There is no time Ichigo. A hollow has been spotted down town.” Rukia pulled out a small red glove. A white skull with blue flames rested on the palm of it. She placed it on her hand and quickly jumped forward to palm Ichigo straight in his face. The next thing Ichigo new was he was staring at his body like it was dead. His plain white shirt and tan pants were replaced with a black set of Shinigami robes. A massive white sword hung of his back from a tan strap. He really hated when Rukia forced him into being a shinigami without warning. Besides the fact that it made him see stars for the third time in the last hour, it was always an uneasy feeling to look down at your own soulless body.

Rukia jumped out his window without so much saying a word. He knew she wanted him to follow. Without her reiatsu she would be no match against a hollow. Ichigo flew out his window in suite. He glided from roof top to roof top with inhuman movements. A sudden roar reached his ears. It was a terrible moan that no creature on earth could reproduce. He quickly floated across a few more rooftops and landed gently in the middle of a small town square. A massive hollow rested before his eyes. It had to stand nearly twenty feet high. Its long muscled arms allowed it to stand comfortable on all fours. A pair of black and yellow eyes pierced through a thick white mask. In front of the hollow there stood a boy. A broken chain hung from the center of his chest.

“Hey why don’t you leave the little guy alone and come play with someone a little closer to your size.’ Ichigo Spoke with such confidence it was almost insane. After all, the creature had to be a good five times bigger than he was. Instinctively he grabbed the handle of the Zanpakuto that rested on his back. Step after step he slowly began to walk towards his enemy. His movements slow. A huge smile hung on his face. “WHAT A TREATS WHAT A TREAT!! I COME FOR HUMAN SOUL AND FIND SHINIGAMI INSTEAD. OH WHAT A TREAT WHAT A TREAT. ILL EAT YOU GOOD SHINIGAMI”

The hollow rushed forward completely forgetting about the boy it had marked as its meal. It let lose another vicious war. Like a devil Ichigo ran forward. His behemoth sized blade was removed from its sheath. The blade hung wildly from his left hand. With a sidestep he managed to avoid a smashing motion the hollow made with its massively oversized left hand. He quickly flung his blade upward to sever the brute’s hand. His zanpakuto made contact yet it was only a flesh wound. It hadn’t even been able to cause any serious bleeding. Before Ichigo could strike again he was blindsided by the brutes other hand. It caught him in a horizontal slash. His body was flung into the side of a building with like a rock out of a slingshot.

Ichigo jammed the point of his Zanpakuto into the ground. He used it as a crutch to hoist himself off. Blood poured from his forehead and his side was screaming at him with pain. The counter attack had been so fast Ichigo was unable to keep up. This hollow was definitely a strong one. His own attack had barely been able to cause anything more serious than a scratch. Ichigo stood still for a minute to catch his breath. If he wasn’t careful here he could actually die. “So its like that huh. Well Its going to take more than that to keep me down. You haven’t seen anything yet. Lets give it another shot.” Ichigo charged forward recklessly. He would not allow himself or any other person to be injured by this monstrosity. His two hands gripped the hilt of his Zanpakuto for dear life. He raised the blade above his head as he prepared for his onslaught.


Ichigo plunged forward and quickly side stepped another smash attack. This time he was prepared and jumped to avoid a snatching arm that shuttled past just beneath him. Ichigo landed lightly on the ground well within the hollows guard. He hit the ground running. He was building as much momentum as he possibly could. With a diagonal thrust he sent his blade careening into the hollows leg. The blade sliced through without hesitation. After what seemed to be a blink of an eye only a stub was left. Ichigo quickly continued to move forward so the beast wouldn’t land on him. Its lack of a leg sent it off balance and crashing forward. Once he was safely behind the hollow Ichigo pulled a one eighty. His feet slid to a halt as he redirected his momentum. Without a second thought he jumped on the hollows back and began running up towards his head.

His Zanpakuto sliced a straight cut across the brutes back from the angle he was holding the sword. Once he reached the brutes shoulders he jumped into the air. With a devastating motion he brought his Zanpakuto high above his head. In one final thrust it smacked into the hollows head. The mask on its face slowly split into two. The entire hollow disintegrated into a bunch of spirit particles. Ichigo had managed to slay the beast. His heart beated feverently. He quickly regained his composure. He turned to walk away, then he remembered about the soul of that young boy. It was also his duty to purify the souls. In a quick stride he went over to the boy. He was crying so much it was hard to talk to him.

“Hey unless you want to be tomorrow’s main course, I suggest you move on already.” With that, Ichigo placed the but of his Zanpakuto on the boy’s forehead. A blue symbol appeared in the place where he touched them. The boy became surrounded by blue light. His body began to radiate as his soul was being transferred back to soul society. Before the boy vanished Ichigo could have sworn he heard the words “Thank you”. A slight giggle followed. It was then Ichigo realized why the boy was crying. It wasn’t because he was scared, it was because he was happy Ichigo had saved him. Ichigo realized right then why he wanted to be a shinigami. It wasn’t just so he could protect those near to him from savage beasts. It was also to stop people from being afraid and sad by their fates. As a shinigami he could not only protect them, he could also make them happy by sending them to a better place. It might sound lame but it’s as good a reason as any to keep fighting and getting stronger

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Mitsuki Sakura

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PostSubject: Re: Kazu the Devil hunter   Mon Dec 07, 2009 9:34 pm

Approved ^^ Welcome to Eternal Moon Light


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PostSubject: Re: Kazu the Devil hunter   Mon Dec 07, 2009 9:53 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kazu the Devil hunter   

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Kazu the Devil hunter
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