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Rules of the site
Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:27 am by Mitsuki Sakura
  • Make your character before RP-ing.[First time, Warning. Second time, Temporarily ban. Third time, Permanent ban.]
  • No cursing. [Just keep it to yourself.]
  • Keep it PG-13.[Wanna do it... You got Pm.]
  • No godmodding.[This one ticks me totally off. Just play it fair.]
  • Be nice to everyone. [Yes, some may be weird or anything, but...keep being nice.]
  • No spamming on cb or someone elses approved application.[It's really irritating.]
  • No advertisement. [Just pm me or someone else to ask if you can advertise.]
  • Enter the other land with permission. [Ex.:If a vampire ask you (demon) to post in the Vampire land, Ask the Head admin for permission.]

If you keep following the rules, you might become an

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 Royal Kuran Hall

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Sasuke Kuran
King of Vampires
King of Vampires

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PostSubject: Royal Kuran Hall   Thu Dec 10, 2009 4:09 am

Sasuke was seen walking in a huge hall with massive church style windows, his eyes was bright red he walked up the steps as there was a stone looking throne, many sevants and maid came to sasukes service, "I", he said cold and royal and clicked his fingers, as soon as the click was heard two servants dissapeard and return in 5 seconds with a fresh cup of wine, he sat down on the throne as the sun light shined small through the window and because of this shadows cover most of the hall.

Sasuke was thinking what should he do now, he had to make his tribe known, even though he was the strongest vampire, hes needs fighters he sighed, as 3 servants appeard infront of sasukes and asked if he wanted anything, "If you could end my life...ill be grateful...", they kept silent showing fear, "Its not possible...King", one of the servant said. "Then i shall continue to suffer...", after he said that he drank hes wine,"You may go...i need nothing...", hes eyes shined bright red as he could read everything about them which scared the servants because any wrong though would result in death, they flash step out of sight.

Sasuke yawned loudly as the hall echoed it 3 times, he wiped his eyes as there was really nothing to do, he stood up and placed his cup on the arm rest of the throne. he walked down the steps as he was approach by servants, "Please master rest...let me offer you service", they said with a humble tone, "I want a book to read...bring me one that is of intrest...", as soonas he said that they flashed stepped out of the hall and came back within a minute, sasuke was suprised, he wonderd what book it was. "Let me see...", he took the book and read the front then the back and walked back up the stairs as he sat on his throne reading this interesting book...
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Royal Kuran Hall
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