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Rules of the site
Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:27 am by Mitsuki Sakura
  • Make your character before RP-ing.[First time, Warning. Second time, Temporarily ban. Third time, Permanent ban.]
  • No cursing. [Just keep it to yourself.]
  • Keep it PG-13.[Wanna do it... You got Pm.]
  • No godmodding.[This one ticks me totally off. Just play it fair.]
  • Be nice to everyone. [Yes, some may be weird or anything, but...keep being nice.]
  • No spamming on cb or someone elses approved application.[It's really irritating.]
  • No advertisement. [Just pm me or someone else to ask if you can advertise.]
  • Enter the other land with permission. [Ex.:If a vampire ask you (demon) to post in the Vampire land, Ask the Head admin for permission.]

If you keep following the rules, you might become an

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 Within Lying Judgment

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Kurai Nidahime
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Queen of Witches

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PostSubject: Within Lying Judgment   Sat Nov 21, 2009 8:23 am

The sky was bright blue. The coldness was getting far too annoying. To even add on; white fluff started to fall from the sky. The sun was starting to go down.

A frail young, woman’s body lied on a battle field. Everything around her was splattered in blood. People body parts, lying all over the grounds. Yet the one girl lied there, still in one piece. Breathing short and faint. Her heart beat slowing yet was keeping blood flowing. Her body was numb. As if she was outside in the dead of winter in a blizzard.

Black hair flowing over her shoulders, clinging to the woman’s face, because of the blood. Her eyes half-open. Her lizard like eyes watching the falling snow. Her lips stained with her own blood, the metallic taste still in her mouth. The already white skin, turned paler, from the lack of blood. Some gashes stopped bleeding. While some had very little still flowing out. Green shirt stained with blood, showing purple poison stains. Her once almost tight pants, ripped from the swords, holes from guns. Soon, the woman’s eyes closed. Taking her whole body, soul, mind, into pure darkness.


It was four years ago that the Cogan War. Thousands of people died that last day of war. Many people’s families’ members died. Many lived, and suffered with the nightmares. For four years, a young, now 24 woman lives alone in Kasogi Village. Many people wondered how she was the only one of the final battle to live throw the bloodiest battle of that one war. She lives alone in the high mountains of the village. With her ‘step’ brother. The step brother was being the caretaker of his sister. Being more worried then ever since finding out she was dead by the time medics got to her. Yet was relived when she came back to the land of the living.

“Thomas, are you feeling all right?” Asked a black hair woman, walking out what may had been her bedroom. Her arms showing tightly wrapped bandages, also running up both of her legs. Below her left eye was a blood stained tear. A sign that she is one of the few to be alive after being pronounced dead. A young man with red hair sat up from a brownish couch that was in the living room. His jade eyes shimmering with happiness. “Yes, I’m all right.” He said in a gentle, almost angel like voice. Stand up and walking over to the woman. She looked up to him, and saw only one thing that many found to be a sin . . . Lust. Now, people thought of the two as siblings. Due to that they live with one another and never show PDA. She giggled and poked his forehead.

“No-no Tommy, you won’t be getting any of me.” She joked around with her boyfriend. “Come on Luca.” He whined. The girl named Luca only giggled and walked off into the kitchen to make them too something to eat. Strangely the both of them eat late, really late at night. Thomas shook his head and decided to go take a shower, then leaving Luca in the kitchen alone.
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Within Lying Judgment
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